Review: The 4 Alternate Endings on the Little Miss Sunshine DVD

I sent this review over to Ain’t It Cool News. They haven’t replied to me yet, but I did send it last night and they are probably always flooded with emails. Well, if they do or do not read it, reply to it, or even post it… I’m going to give you what I gave them. Hope you enjoy the review:

Firstly, I love Little Miss Sunshine. In my opinion, it is the best film of 2006 with little competition. Well I got a chance to watch the 4 alternate endings offered on the DVD. I was excited about this because there were no deleted scenes and I just wanted MORE Little Miss Sunshine. Well… they’re ridiculous. Fox Searchlight or whoever is distributing/advertising the disc is misleading the public into being excited about these “fun” alternate endings. They leave you with the feeling of…”oh… that’s it?”

On the DVD you have a chance of watching all 4 with or without commentary. I started watching without commentary and on the first one, Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton commentate anyways mostly because the first alternate ending would be totally confusing without an explanation. I’ll let that slide, because they rocked my socks with their direction of this film and they are both totally adorable. The last three endings are very similar. In the second scene we just see them leaving the hotel after speaking to the cop and it is very uneventful. In the third we see the Hoovers escaping from the pagaent after the cop tells them never to compete in a beauty pagaent in the state of California ever again, with trophy in hand. It’s cute and funny and I laughed a little bit and waited for the next one. The third is exactly the same but with random pauses containing subtitles that explain what is going on in the scene. They add nothing to the film, or the DVD.

I was quite unimpressed by these and the content on the DVD. I hope that the commentary is good, I love a good commentary (The commentary on 2004’s Sideways is amazing). Such a GREAT film needs something for me to look forward to and not just this crap.

There you go, world.



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2 responses to “Review: The 4 Alternate Endings on the Little Miss Sunshine DVD

  1. Sean

    Good review. Well writen, informed and intersting.

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