No magic changes.

I am a life long Grease fan. I love the music, the nostalgia, and pretty much everything about the show and the movie. I just watched that Grease: You’re The One That I Want show and it was so hilariously bad, I was laughing from beginning to end. Unlike American Idol, which is preplanned and staged but done in a way that seems like they tried to hide their falseness, this show did not really plan anything at all. There are really good people who are obviously chosen and have been practicing and performing for years and then the MOST OBVIOUSLY PLANTED BAD SINGERS I HAVE EVER SEEN OR HEARD. These were obviously actors or just people they pick off the street. I may watch this again, but it does have the unbearable Billy Bush. At one point during the show he decided that his judging ears are better than the REAL judges and wanted this unfortunately dressed girl to go back on stage to humiliate herself a second time. The last thing about this show that just proves that it is not legitimate at all is that one of the singers who made is it Kaitlin Doubleday, who played Justin Long’s girlfriend in the surprisingly hilarious 2005 film “Waiting…” Well, so far this is a terrible show. C’MON NBC! You’ve had a wonderful 2006 and now you start the new year with a show hosted by BILLY BUSH. C’MON!


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