Review: 300

Well, it was a pretty spectacular movie. I’ve never seen anything like it. The cast was perfect. The special effects are beyond cool. I really enjoyed the film experience of 300. There was only one big looming problem.

The story for me, was a little boring. That was my only problem with the film. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED THE FILM. The battle scenes were unrelenting and powerful. The music was predictable but still haunting. The acting was not too over the top, nobody was really annoying throughout the film. I just felt a little bored whenever the story progressed. There was nothing really wrong with it, it just was a complete gear shift from THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER to checking my watch to see how much time is left.

I guess in some situations that could kill a movie, but with 300, the battle scenes make up for everything. The first battle is my favorite but I also loved the battle with the Immortals and the semi-giant monster guy. If they had toned down on those killings, the film would have suffered immensely. Zack Snyder is officially the guy to watch. I’m already excited about his next film, another adaptation of a Frank Miller comic “The Watchmen.”

So the movie had a lot of redeeming qualities and a lot of boring story. I give 300 a B+



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5 responses to “Review: 300

  1. Sean

    To nice we dine in HELL!!!! P.S. Loved the movie.

  2. Josh

    Sean. Please reread everything you type. “to nice”


  3. Sean

    bla bla typo BLA.
    Besides, atlest I post on your blog. unlike most people that read it.

  4. mrs. lady

    You gotta love those CG abs….mmmmm

    I think for next Halloween you should go either as a sexy spartan or that goat guy in the Persian palace…

    P.S. Go for the goat!!!!

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