This review may lose control at one point.

I fucking goddamn fucking loved this fucking film. It was an experience I’ve never had in a theater. Ever. I can’t believe how much I loved it. I was expecting less from this and more from 300, and I don’t know why. Grindhouse is a shitkicking, motherfucking, no-holds barred, fucking crazy and insane experience.

The first film: “Planet Terror”
Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” is the more enjoyable film of the two, mostly because it was a nonstop action funfest with some of the best zombies I’ve ever seen. The cast in this film was superb, with Rose McGowan giving a great performance that makes me completely forgive her for Charmed. She shares a very memorable and digusting scene with Quentin Tarantino which will have you squirming and laughing. There are so many incredible moments and I cannot give anything away because I want all of you to see it. Josh Brolin was really perfect in his role as the evil doctor, he had skillful character traits. Rodriguez really has a specific look to his films (with the exception of “Sin City”). The look of this film really reminded me of “From Dusk Till Dawn” but that’s okay because it really fit this film. The missing reels that you may or may not have heard of are downright hilarious in both films, especially in this one. By the way, if you loved Tom Savini in “From Dusk Till Dawn” you will absolutely not be disappointed. He’s one of the best parts of “Planet Terror.”

The second film: “Death Proof”
I love Quentin Tarantino’s films. My favorite is still “Reservior Dogs” but I have loved everything since. “Death Proof”, while not that entertaining after watching the highly likeable “Planet Terror”, is just perfect as a tribute to the sexy car films of the 70s. Kurt Russell was the perfect casting choice for Stuntman Mike (they had originally wanted Mickey Rourke, which I could see in the part, but he wouldn’t have brought to it what KR did). Every time he came onto the screen I became a lot happier and my eyes opened wide and I got so excited because he was so fucking crazy. Kurt Russell’s character is a crazy person, I loved it. His performance was flawless. The dialogue when Kurt is not on screen is terrible. Tracie Thoms and Rosario Dawson performed very well, but Tarantino’s script was a bit boring. Well, when the film ends you will find yourself, like me, clapping loudly and getting very excited because the ending of the film makes up for all the crappy dialogue that you have been sitting through. It’s terrific.

The “Prevues”
What really consummated this film were the “Prevues” that Tarantino and Rodriguez threw into the beginning, and in between the two films. I really can’t put my finger on my favorite but who can? We get these faux trailers from great horror directors like Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Rob Zombie, Eli Roth, and even Robert Rodriguez made an extra trailer that absolutely needs to be made into a real film (and is the only one that could possibly be made, it has an IMDb page). The trailers provided non-stop laughing and cheering from the audience.

Final Thoughts:
This film, while not original in style, is a wonderful experience that must be seen in theaters. When it comes to DVD, they’ll be releasing it on two different DVDs which is not fair but it means that YOU MUST SEE THIS IN THEATERS to have the full experience. While “Death Proof” wasn’t the most entertaining film I am really glad that it was done the way it was done. You’ll find yourself feeling really good, even after sitting through “Death Proof” feeling really bored. “Planet Terror” will most likely be everyone’s favorite film of the two and I’m sure there will be many people who may not even like the second film because of it’s boring tendencies. I loved the whole package.



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5 responses to “Review: GRINDHOUSE

  1. Sean

    I got to see Grind House on Saturday. It made me really happy.

  2. mrs. lady

    I’m sorry, but nothing made me happier than Rosario Dawson’s boot in the final scene before the credits…

    So satisfying.

  3. Sean

    That was one of my favorite scenes.

  4. C Diddy

    Hey.. did u hear that your friend Harvey Weinstein is so upset with the dismal showing at the box office that they are thinkinhg of releasing the movies seperately

  5. Josh

    i hate harvey weinstein

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