Paul McCartney news!

According to the Director File on Michel Gondry, Paul McCartney’s new video for the song Ever Present Past on his upcoming Starbucks released album Memory Almost Full is going to be directed by the Eternal Sunshine director himself. This is AMAZING. I loved Paul’s last album, it was a huge step forward from the craptastic “Driving Rain.” What’s even more exciting is the cast of this video. Pirates of the Caribbean and The Office’s MacKenzie Crook, the beautiful Natalie Portman, and Paul McCartney impersonator Neil Tudor. I hardly ever care about music videos unless they are Fiona Apple videos starring Zach Galifianakis or Sean Lennon videos in which people call him Julian. I’m very excited for this Paul album, it’s the most anticipated album for me this year other than the totally unexpected White Stripes return. Here’s a preview of the making of the album:


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