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An amazing poster for a film about ME!

I can’t wait for this film. It looks like a smart indie version of the Omen (minus that whole Satan thing) and it got great reviews at Sundance and it stars the new love of my life Vera Farmiga. If anyone can find any clips that would be great. I saw a few on a Sundance special during the festival’s run and I got really excited at just a small 30 second clip. Here’s the poster for Joshua:


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The Dark Knight being prepped for IMAX

I might actually shell out the extra cash to see this in IMAX especially since these images are REAL and that means that the image from before is real. Chris Nolan is filming 4 scenes for the IMAX and Heath Ledger says that we will all be very happy with this film. HL also said that he had a lot of doubt about his casting but that Nolan changed his mind telling him its more about the eyes that the laugh and that they are really going to up the creepy. This film is my most anticipated, if you couldn’t tell already. I think that’s the Joker holding the gun behind this first creepy masked guy. I kinda love that his coloring resembles Cesar Romero’s from the old Batman film and show. YES!

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R.I.P. Charles Nelson Reilly

Your favorite Match Game contestant has left the building. You’re next Richard Dawson.

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New Paul McCartney Video dir. by Michel Gondry

I don’t really care about the song (it’s better than the single that he released last week) but the video is pretty cool. It’s a little boring but it’s okay since it’s Paul and Michel (oh no! I’m letting myself enjoy something just because of who is involved in making it. Dammit.)



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Review: Hot Fuzz

I’m going to write this review a little differently than usual. I want to really express myself from now on. I still maintain everything I stated about how horrid Spider-man 3 is, but I’m going to try to change my style. By the way, I watched Epic Movie and I don’t even need to tell you how bad it is. But still, it’s not worse than Spider-man 3 (Epic Movie is supposed to be a bad movie).

Like most reviews of Hot Fuzz, I am going to begin by saying that I loved Shaun of the Dead. It was an original comedy, a reinvention of the genre. The film was one of my favorite films of 2004 (It was an excellent year for film) and it became an instant cult classic, not to mention one of the most quotable films in the past five years. When I heard that Edgar Wright was making another film with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, I got really excited. The early trailers were really promising and I couldn’t wait to see it.

I would have seen it earlier but I had a few papers to write for school and then I had finals. But now I’m out and I finally got to see it before it was plundered from the box office by pirates. I caught a midday show and found myself one of four people in the audience. Sometimes that’s the best.

The movie was quite hilarious. It totally showed that Edgar Wright is a great new talent. I love his directing style. He’ll redirect action into a new scene instead of continuing the past scene. A punch will lead into a new scene with a different character being knocked down onto a couch in a new setting. It’s a hilarious and fun technique and it’s not overused. The story is very entertaining, and I attribute it to a great script, great directing, and above all an amazing cast.

The casting is perfect. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost again show great chemistry as buddies. Pegg plays a hard-edged-by-the-book police officer freshly transferred from London (where he was making everyone look bad) to a small village where the crime rate is low but the accident rate is high. Frost plays his new dimwitted but action-eager partner. The supporting cast is also great and includes Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton, Bill Nighy, Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman, Stephen Merchant, and Paddy Considine. The unknowns in this movie are also quite hilarious. Wright and Pegg use every character to build up to a big reveal and I don’t want to give away too much, but the innocence of the characters really plays with your head. I loved Timothy “Two Times James Bond” Dalton in this. The whole movie leads you to believe one thing and then everything gets turned around in the end. I really didn’t expect this film to be a mystery comedy with such a great reveal.

Watch it if you are a SOTD fan, but also watch it because it is another hilarious parody that doesn’t disappoint in laughs or action. Hot Fuzz gets an A-.

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UPDATED: This Could Be The Joker: Chain of Events

The official website for Batman Begins was started the other day here:

That website linked to this site:

Then, a few days later AICN found this site that featured a jokerly distorted image of the Harvey Dent picture that pixelated into a hard to recognize image of the joker. From that point on, the image has been getting more and more viewable and now it is a full image. This third site has no link to the official site officially, but according to AICN, playing cards featuring the slogan “I believe in Harvey Dent Too, were found in local Hollywood restaurants. Very interesting. Here’s the final image of the joker, supposedly, and this one isn’t being as toted as a fake as previous images. Who knows?

If this is real, I hope it is. This Joker is creepy and perfect for Nolan’s Batman Universe. Also, if this is a marketing campaign by Warner Bros, I have just gained a huge amount of nerd-respect for the company. Sometimes conglomerate corporations can do something that is actually cool.


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This One’s For My Girl

Audrey Tautou (Amelie) is going to be playing Coco Chanel in a French biopic. It’s actually very exciting, especially for my girlfriend who loves both of them. I’m excited to see Audrey Tautou in a non-quirky/non-Da Vinci Code role.

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