Two amazing images!

The first (source) is the first shot of the red Iron Man suit. I for one, love it. It’s a oddly muscular, I like a thick Iron man (NO SEXUAL CONNOTATION AT ALL). I am very excited about this film. REINVENTION?!? Maybe. Let’s just wait till we see a trailer.

This next image I also got from The Movie Blog, and it features two posters for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Interestingly enough the chest on Emma Watson in the IMAX poster is sufficiently larger than in the normal theatrical poster. That’s how you sell tickets, folks. Click the image to get a slightly larger view.



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2 responses to “Two amazing images!

  1. john

    Her chest isn’t bigger. They just outlined it with light for the second post. The first has her chest shrowed in darkness.

  2. john

    Also this is Sean. I Think I change my name when I got drunk about two weeks ago.

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