UPDATED: This Could Be The Joker: Chain of Events

The official website for Batman Begins was started the other day here: http://thedarkknight.warnerbros.com/

That website linked to this site: http://ibelieveinharveydent.warnerbros.com/

Then, a few days later AICN found this site that featured a jokerly distorted image of the Harvey Dent picture that pixelated into a hard to recognize image of the joker. From that point on, the image has been getting more and more viewable and now it is a full image. This third site has no link to the official site officially, but according to AICN, playing cards featuring the slogan “I believe in Harvey Dent Too, were found in local Hollywood restaurants. Very interesting. Here’s the final image of the joker, supposedly, and this one isn’t being as toted as a fake as previous images. Who knows?

If this is real, I hope it is. This Joker is creepy and perfect for Nolan’s Batman Universe. Also, if this is a marketing campaign by Warner Bros, I have just gained a huge amount of nerd-respect for the company. Sometimes conglomerate corporations can do something that is actually cool.



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One response to “UPDATED: This Could Be The Joker: Chain of Events

  1. john

    I would be very interested to see the final image. Their has been so many fakes that until Warner Brothers studios issues an office one I an’t beliving shit.

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