Review: Paul McCartney’s "Memory Almost Full"

My favorite album of 2005 was Paul McCartney’s refreshing “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.” It was great to hear this rock n’ roll style Paulie that really sounded like the music he was making back in the early 70s with “Ram” and I instantly fell in love with it. His next album had a lot to live up to.

When he released his single “Ever Present Past” I was sorely disappointed. It was annoying pop, nothing revolutionary like his previous album. I still couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the album because I wanted desperately to be proven wrong. Well, I bought the new album “Memory Almost Full” today at Newbury Comics. I got the special edition, which comes with an extra CD containing three more songs and an audio commentary of the album. When you are a collector like me, an extra eight bucks is nothing when it comes to what you love. I’ve listened to the album twice now and I want you to know that my waiting paid off. In fact, within the context of this album, that single “Ever Present Past” is now enjoyable. The album is like the last album in the sense that it is exactly what he needs to be doing right now in his musical career.

If you want to compare it to his earlier work I’d say it’s like a huge mesh of everything he’s ever done. This album is a consummation of his work as a whole and it doesn’t come off as messy or misguided at all. The album is very Paul McCartney. There is no female love in his life at the moment, nothing to inspire him in that sense, something that hasn’t occurred for him musically in years. This album feels freeing for him. Each song is fun but obviously still personal for him. Everything Paul has done in the past decade has been personal, and this album is no exception. The album does do something that the others haven’t. While still personal, this album is very accessible.

The album is a cohesive force of pop that I really didn’t see coming after the alternatively charged rock album but I am pleasantly surprised. My favorite track at the moment is “Vintage Clothes” but there are many others that deserve a listen. Do yourself a favor, go to iTunes and take a listen. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. I think that’s what Paul wants. He wants everything to be just cool.


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