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The New Hulk

I’m a little terrified of this Edward Norton Hulk… but I’m also excited.


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UPDATE: I wish I was in San Diego today

Well, I followed the viral marketing website today and it was a very cool way to both show us an image of the Joker holding a knife to the new Rachel Dawes played by Maggie Gyllenhaal and to show us the trailer. The trailer finally works and it’s a terrific teaser unlike that fake thing that most people didn’t see because nobody reads my blog. Here’s the real thing, and it’s terrific.

If anyone has seen the Simpsons Movie previews than maybe you already saw it. Well… the picture of Heath and Maggie getting personal is what really kicks ass…

Check it out and click to make it larger:

I have 200% confidence in this movie. For a play by play of the entire website and the chain of events go here:

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Comic-con Posters

No title yet but an amazing poster for the J.J. Abrams project “Cloverfield.”:

And here’s a classic style poster for J.J. Abrams’ directed Star Trek installment.

C’mon DARK KNIGHT, lets kick Comic-con’s ass. As of this post the countdown on is 00:01:19:37:137

At 1:00 today, something good better happen.

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Official Comic-con Announcements!


Zachary Quinto is Spock…… so is Leonard Nimoy. In the same film. This is nice and I LOVE this picture:

Also… Karen Allen is back as Marion Ravenwood for Indy 4. I got SO f’ing excited when I saw that.

Lastly, apparently, at the Convention dollar bills were being distributed featuring a joker-ed George Washington with the words “Why so serious” over the United States of America letters. This led nerds to which has a countdown, job instructions (supposedly for the Joker), and coordinates to the convention center in San Diego. I’m thinking when the countdown is over there will be a BIG reveal at Comic-con. I’m very excited.

The first two images came from

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God I wish I could go to comic-con. It’s one of my many dreams to go and see all the new movie things, and meet some of the people who are fucking amazing. Well, during and after the convention this weekend we’ll hear a lot about movies like Cloverfield (the title could be revealed), Indy 4, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Wall-E, Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk, and TV shows like Heroes and Lost (even though I don’t watch Lost). I hope we just get fanboy jerked off this weekend, because it can be so great (last year they unveiled Venom which was really cool until we ultimately found out that Venom SUCKS). Anyways, here’s to an amazing Comic-con that I can’t attend due to my life sucking sometimes. Okay…

By the way, I can’t wait to see The Simpsons Movie next week.

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Sylar as Spock

I read about a week ago that “Heroes” villain Zachary Quinto who plays the evil character Sylar was keen on playing Spock in J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek film. I thought it was a cool blurb but now, apparently, it looks like he could have truly have the part. I think he would be a perfect Spock, I really see it in his look and his talent. Here’s a more detailed story at the Movie Blog, and here’s a PSed image image they made that I am in love with.

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Trailer: The Darjeeling Limited

I’ve been a hawk online this weekend, waiting for this trailer and now it has finally arrived and I am so very excited. The trailer itself looks like it’s leaving a lot out, which I love because I hate trailers that tell you the whole movie in 3 minutes. I hope the film is as good as I want it to be, because that would just be wonderful. During the past two years the thought that the next Wes Anderson film would be an animated one was something that took the wind out of my sails. Then I heard about this and I have been nothing but totally pumped. Check it out the trailer, I can’t wait!

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