Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet

This is a difficult news story to believe because the Green Hornet film has been in the works since the 80s and the fact that Seth Rogen has been hired to write and direct just seems like a rumor or some kind of a joke. Kevin Smith had been attached for a while which is really cool since he’s such a nerd. Don’t get me wrong I love Seth Rogen, but I just don’t see him as a superhero. I don’t see any of Judd Apatow’s crew as the Green Hornet. “Knocked Up” (which I still haven’t seen, dammit) made Rogen a star and now he’s getting the roles that could help or kill his career (Steve Carell got a lot of projects that sucked after “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” but they still made a lot of money).

I’ve never really had an interest in The Green Hornet, but a film version could be made as long as it’s faithful and not hokey. I’ve never seen the 1960s TV version starring Van Williams as the title character and Bruce Lee as his sidekick Kato but I’ve always wanted to. I wonder, if this film goes into production, who will be the Kato to Rogen’s Hornet? I really hope this either goes into the hands of someone else OR they really try not to fuck things up.

Here’s a shot from the 60s TV show, so you get an idea:


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One response to “Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet

  1. Sean

    The was a little raciest and the plot was very thin at parts but I would be very interested and seeing the adoptions whenever it actually gets made. If it sucks and can make fun of and rant about it. If it’s great, then I can praise it and make other people fell foolish that they did not know it was a TV show. It’s a win win.

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