DVD Review: Film Geek

I’ve been wanting to see this tiny movie since its release two years ago, and it was my first Netflix venture. “Film Geek” is an independent film directed by unknown James Westby about Scotty Pelk (played by Melik Malkasian), a young man with an encyclopedic knowledge of film. Scotty works at his local video store where he obsessively keeps everything clean and rattles of quotes from Godard to customers who just don’t get it and don’t care. Scotty’s world crumbles when he is fired from his job due to the fact that he talks too much about film. His journey begins as he walks away from his dream job and into the real world. Unfortunately, none of the local video stores are hiring and he must venture off into a new territory: packaging and shipping car parts.

The film is absolutely one of the biggest love letters ever made about film lovers. This is a movie for people like me who hear Scotty’s adorations about Cronenberg and Carpenter and both laugh and strongly agree with the things he says. The movie never tries to make its lead character look foolish or mentally challenged (e.g. Napoleon Dynamite), but really makes him out to be a hero who we care about. When Scotty sees the counter on his website still sitting at zero after at least six years of existence, we feel his pain. The film is also hilarious, poking fun at both Scotty and those who aren’t as lucky as us to know so much about film. A running gag about his hottie neighbor never gets old, especially at the very end of the movie.

Technically the film is lacking in a strong script and a cast of talented actors (with the exception of Malkasian who completely embodies his character) but it doesn’t matter. The film’s goal isn’t to impress us with terrific cinematography or witty dialogue. The movie wants us to be in love with film as much as Scotty. I have the same feelings about my blog as Scotty does about his (if only people would read it, then they would know what film is really about!!!). I loved watching this movie because it doesn’t drag and it was like watching a nerdier/creepier version of myself. I’m probably going to watch this movie again because it does have a great story and I never stopped laughing in spite of myself.

I definitely recommend this to those true film geeks, people who have conversations about Capra and Tarantino or think that Bill Murray is a genius. Watch this movie if you quote Godard and Buscemi, or if you are a Mystie like me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t know film like me and my new pal Scotty. I give “Film Geek” a:

Check out the website for this film here!



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2 responses to “DVD Review: Film Geek

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been wanting to see this since it’s release too. I have only seen some clips on youtube. It is hard to find in stores, and I am not much of a renter…maybe it is time to give Netflix a try.

    John Gentile

  2. Sean

    I have been looking for this movies since it came out two years ago. I prefer to buy my movies from local stores but it looks like if I want it I’ll have to order it online.

    When I hared about this movie, it spoke to me. A movie about a guy the lives to watch movies and help other people find and enjoy them, thats MY movie. Then when he gets fired and becomes a internet film critic sensation, he finally gets the respect he deserves. This review only makes me want to see it more.

    Keep on reviewing movies Josh
    I’ll keep reading and posting

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