"Grace is Gone" Poster

I’ve been waiting for this film since I heard about all the awards it won at Sundance this year. This could be John Cusack’s comeback (I didn’t see “1408”, but I’m talking about a real comeback including Oscars). The story is about a man (Cusack), whose wife has just died in the Iraq War and he takes his two daughters on a road trip to an amusement park because he doesn’t know how to tell them. It sounds like a heartbreaker, but it might a truly great film. The poster isn’t very exciting but I can’t wait for this movie. The buzz on this film is huge, so keep an eye on it.



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3 responses to “"Grace is Gone" Poster

  1. Sean

    I am a huge John Cusack fan. I hear about this movie after I watch 1408. I am really happy that Cusack is finally doing a film that could land him an Oscar.

  2. Christine

    1408 was awesome. It’s not the type of movie that wins Oscars, but Cusack’s performance in it was fantastic. We did a review of it over at MovieSnobs – http://www.moviesnobs.net/review.php?movieid=1673

  3. Josh

    Thanks for the comment!

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