Even more Dark Knight images!

Those images from yesterday were amazing but I got some more for ya! A preview of the film was recently shown at a convention and that’s what all these pictures are coming from. People who went to that con said that there’s some Batman falsies in this one, and that’s what these new pictures reflect. If you look closely at the second one you can see Cillian Murphy (he played Scarecrow in the first one and went nuts at the end) sitting with the faux-Batmen looking a little crazed. I absolutely can’t wait for this movie. Definitely click on the picture because it gets bigger and better.



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3 responses to “Even more Dark Knight images!

  1. Christine

    Holy crap, I think you’re right. That is Cillian. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Sean

    This is going to be so interesting. Batman having to fight fake batman’s. Kinda Pootie Tang but ha I think they can pull it off.

  3. Dark Knight

    great pictures!

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