Trailer: I’m Not There

This trailer is a bit awkward, but I’m still very optimistic. I like what they’re doing with this biopic, it’s a real different direction than many that we’ve seen in recent years. I hope we get a better trailer, one that doesn’t look so unoriginal.

Watch the trailer, and stay optimistic!

I’ve got a classic DVD review for tomorrow and I hope to watch “The Lives of Others” some time this week.


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One response to “Trailer: I’m Not There

  1. Sean

    I am a fan of Bob Dylan so I have been tracking this movie for awhile now. I like the direction their going with it. Instead of going with the slandered formula for bio-pics, they choose something that has it’s roots in the old and made something new.

    I hope Bob like this movie since it’s is about him.

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