Hotel Chevalier

Along with directing his upcoming film “The Darjeeling Limited”, Wes Anderson has been directed a prequel short entitled “Hotel Chevalier” starring Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman (who also star in the full length feature. Natalie Portman is also reported to be featured nude which has been said about many of her recent movies to much despair (all talk, nothing shown and then said to be on the cutting room floor and then said to be destroyed). This shot is very awesome, due to its beautiful imagery that looks like Anderson meets Godard. I really hope I get to see this, and I really hope that TDL reviews that are coming out of the Venice Film Festival are not a forecast of the film (they hated it).

Here’s an image from the short:



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5 responses to “Hotel Chevalier

  1. Sean

    Natalie Portman, were you may be, hear my plee. Stop teasing your fans with promises of nudity in movies and never deliver. Please just pose naked in playboy or something.

  2. Nikzad

    i was gonna say that in a more veiled and subtle way, but you get an A+++ for bluntness and getting to the point. Funny how neither of us would like to discuss the movie; rather Natalie Portman’s bare physique

  3. Sean

    Well it is going to be a good movie but I believe the more pressing issue is the lack of naked Natalie Portman in the media.

  4. Anonymous

    Shame on you guys for only focusing on Natalie Portman’s alleged nudity. The focus should be on Wes Anderson….for creating the role which may (or still may not) feature her nude.

    On a side note…still very much looking forward to this despite lackluster reviews so far. Too bad Hotel Chevalier seems destined for a web/future dvd release only…REALLY looking forward to that. The still that has been released is now my wallpaper.

    John Gentile

  5. Josh

    It has also been my desktop image since the moment I saw it, it’s quite incredible.

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