"Star Trek" casting confirmations

So up until this point we have been getting little casting gifts from J.J. Abrams for his “Star Trek” prequel. Today two huge cast announcements were made so here’s the list of what we know.

Zachary Quinto/Leonard Nimoy as MR. SPOCK
I’ve been totally excited about this casting news since it was announced in August. Sylar as Spock is perfect. Leonard Nimoy’s inclusion has sparked rumors that the film will include a space/time continuum issue, which is completely overused in the Trek universe. They might do it right, but then again they might completely screw everything up.

Zoe Saldana as NYOTA UHURA
We know her from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films as one of Jack Sparrow’s former flames. With this film she could really become a huge star, especially if she plays the part right. As long as she can put a finger up to her ear and can swivel in a chair, she’s got it.

Anton Yelchin as PAVEL CHEKOV
This casting is a little confusing since Chekov didn’t join the show until later in the series. Hopefully Abrams realizes this and didn’t just cast him so he could say “Nuclear Wessels.” Maybe he’ll show up in Starfleet Academy or something. Yelchin has been proving himself a young star to watch. He was the only good thing about David Duchovny’s directorial debut/travesty “The House of D”, and he looked good in “Charlie Bartlett” even though that film looked horrid.

Eric Bana as NERO
The “Munich” actor will be playing the villain Nero. We have no clue as to if this is just the character’s name or if it’s Emperor Nero. If that’s the case then they are really going for that classic Trek storyline with the space/time continuum paradox plot.

This was one of the announcements today. I couldn’t be more pleased with Harold as the sometimes sword wielding, always cool Sulu. People still don’t know John Cho’s name, but hopefully this film will help his rising star.

This is either the best casting ever or the worst casting ever. I love Simon Pegg and I think he’s a terrific comedy actor, so I hope he’s not being cast for the comedy relief. Scotty’s job has become something of a joke over the years. If you watch the original series you can obviously see that James Doohan always played the character as straight as he could (no matter how repetitive). I have a feeling that, like Quinto’s casting, this is the result of a possible Trekkie-ness in Pegg. Also, he doesn’t look bad with dark hair, check out this photo.

Chris Pine
The casting for this coveted role seems to be down to these two young actors. Chris Pine seems to look the part better while Vogel seems to be Abrams new muse. Pine has been in “Smokin Aces” and “Just My Luck” while Vogel is the headlining star of Abrams still untitled “Cloverfield” project. I have my fingers crossed for Pine, just because he has a theatre background. I think that ability should help him to recreate the unbelievable character that Shatner made 41 years ago.

Whatever happens, I’ll be there in December 2008 to see this. If I only see one 2008 film, this will be it.



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2 responses to “"Star Trek" casting confirmations

  1. mrs. lady

    REVIEWS!!! I want more…

    ..Oh, and you are a giggling little Trekkie…


  2. Sean

    This makes me so happy. Simon Pegg, John Cho and Zoe Saldana. This has the potential to be the best Star Trek movie in years. Also their is nothing wrong with hiring a actor only to have him say ‘Nuclear Wessels’.

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