Golden Globes Semi Cancelled

The strike has officially started to affect things that matter to me.

The Globes will now be televised as an hour long conference, after the non-televised 3-hour ceremony. I’m happy that we’ll be getting the announcements on TV rather than having to wait for the EXTREMELY slow Hollywood Foreign Press website to load. If this affects the Oscars, I won’t be happy. I want to see Jon Stewart kick ass again (BTW he’s doing hilariously, as is Stephen now that they’re back) and I just want my Oscar night. This is one of the things I love to do, and if there’s no televised ceremony that’ll suck. ALSO, this year is the 80th Oscars which means all of the living winners of acting awards will appear on stage in a grand spectacle. I would love to see this, and if the strike goes on and the show is canceled I wouldn’t be happy. I would also be sad to miss the SAG awards and the ISPs… Especially if the ISPs get a better host this year.


I have a few more films to see, then I’ll do my best of 2007 which will cover all sorts of things from movies to music to the things that I loved in ’07.

Go see “Juno.”


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One response to “Golden Globes Semi Cancelled

  1. Gary

    I have this gut feeling that the Oscars will happen; they’ll get a waver somehow. I think Gil Cates, Jon Stewart, and Co. are much more well liked than Dick Clark Prods. Looking forward to your top ten!

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