More Globes News

I’m really tired of all this… The Globes will be given out tomorrow, we’ll find out who won and then the strike will end before the Oscars. Why is that? Because I’m going to go crazy.

The Oscars will go on as planned… Gil Cates, don’t back down! Don’t worry about the lack of stars, I want an awards show. PLEASE WGA, let everyone take a break for the Oscars. Think about the people who dedicate themselves to watching the Oscars. Even though this is an historic moment in Academy Awards history, we still want the show to go on!

Okay, okay… I’m done. I have one (or two) more movies left to see, and a few to review and then my best of will be posted sometime by the end of next week.


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One response to “More Globes News

  1. Sean

    If they cancel the Oscars on me this year I’m going to drive to California and beat whoever made the decision with my favorite crowbar.

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