The Worst of 2007

I don’t really see bad movies, but the following ten movies were all either disappointing or just plain sucked. I had high hopes for a lot of the “movies” but I was just declined happiness.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End – Unoriginal, I was waiting for it to end.

9. The Last Mimzy – Way too confusing for kids, let alone adults.

8. Rocket Science – The Sundance hit that got a lot of praise – I have no idea why…

7. Dan in Real Life – Steve Carell’s “feel-good” pile of crap.

6. Broken English – Slow and very hard to connect with.

5. Epic Movie – The team behind “Date Movie” find a way to outdo themselves…

4. Norbit – Disgusting (not in the good way) and just not funny. Also, the movie that killed Eddie Murphy’s chance at an Oscar.

3. Across the Universe – Totally disappointing, extremely annoying. Evan Rachel Wood gives the worst performance of the year.

2. Hairspray – They didn’t understand their subject matter and created a very adult-themed and awkward family film. Didn’t they think that the little kids seeing the movie would ask about “Negro Day?” This was easily the most annoying film of all time featuring a horrifyingly nightmarish John Travolta.

1. Spider-man 3 – This could have been a continuation of a great series, but it was just a joke. Raimi & Co. really just pulled this out of their asses and just laughed their way to the bank. From beginning to end, “Spider-man 3” is a total disaster giving some of the worst performances of all time. This movie will make you laugh in the most unintentional ways, and then it’ll just make you angry.

The movie I didn’t see but probably would have been on this list: “Wild Hogs”



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4 responses to “The Worst of 2007

  1. matt m.

    great list, but i think its had the unintended effect of making me want to go see wild hogs.

  2. Nikzad

    I had all but forgotten Spiderman 3. Thanks for RIPPING off the scab again. Just kidding. But seriously, I don’t think Spiderman 3 belongs in this category because it was more like dogshit thrown against celluloid than an actual film. The second half of it, at least.

  3. Anonymous

    I haven’t seen any of these, but I laughed out loud anyway…

  4. Anonymous

    The one movie on this list that upsets me is Rocket Science. I really wanted to like that movie. I still think it had one of the best trailers of the year last year…as misleading as it was.


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