"Star Trek" bumped

This is not cool at all. I was so excited to see the “Star Trek” reboot movie this year and Paramount has just bumped it to May 8, 2009…

At least the strike is over… but this still sucks.

I wonder how soon the film is close to being finished at this point and how long it’s going to be for the cast to promote the film after completing it. Insanity…

Well, until then watch this video over and over. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.



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2 responses to “"Star Trek" bumped

  1. Sean

    That was pretty fucking funny. I could have used some Citizen Kane.

  2. Anonymous

    I think I am all for things getting bumped at this point. I was looking forward to the Star Trek movie but since I am not a huge fan, I think I can handle the wait. It will probably be worth it in terms of rewrites and re-shoots. I am none too pleased with the fact they are going to cram what was originally 8 hours of new Lost story line into 5 new episodes. I would rather wait and have them done as originally planned.

    Plus, I am bummed about the outlook for Scrubs… doesn’t look good.


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