Most anticipated film of 2009: Watchmen

I love everything that’s coming out of this film, especially the fact that Zack Snyder really knows how to bring the visuals from the book to the screen. I can only imagine how everything is going to work out and how he’ll bring the politics of the 80s to become relevant to today’s world. I hope he doesn’t try to draw too many comparisons to today’s political climate and tries to stick with the Cold War theme.

Anyways, here’s an amazing shot of Rorschach flamethrowing a copper in Moloch’s apartment.

Click for a larger view

Other things worthy of notice:

The Harvey Dent Action figure for “The Dark Knight” is awesome.
The Monster Action figure for “Cloverfield” is not awesome.

Also, in my opinion, Lindsay Lohan has started the year off very well.


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One response to “Most anticipated film of 2009: Watchmen

  1. Anonymous

    For the price they are asking for the Cloverfield monster, it should come with the things that fall off of it. I was actually excited to see how it would look when it was announced, big dissapointment.

    John Gentile

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