Roger Ebert Loses His Voice

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of updates… I spent a week in California (which was surreal, and I’ll post a report soon) and I’ve just been busy getting back into the school schedule post-Spring Break. I’ve seen all sorts of movie news in the past week but I’ve just been a bit unmotivated to write about any of them. Don’t worry, I’m getting back into my groove with a couple of DVD reviews and more retrospectives and in May I’m going to post a huge retrospective on the films of Fred Zinnemann. Anyways…

I feel really bad for Roger Ebert… his voice is gone. It’s a terrible loss, and even though he’s still writing there’s an air about the whole situation that feels like the ending of an era. His early work is astounding, and he truly grew wonderfully as a critic. With Gene Siskel, he reinvented the movie industry and I’ve always been very fond of him. Lately his work definitely mirrors his personal life and honestly I’ve had a hard time reading the more recent reviews – I find it just to be a little too over-the-top.

I cite Ebert as a major influence on my writing, and I really think that Richard Roeper has the chops to carry the torch, but I really hope Ebert finds a new voice in this new phase of his career. It could be a downfall, or hopefully a waking up or a rebirth.

I’ll be back soon, with all sorts of meaty reviews and other bits of wonderful movie treats!



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2 responses to “Roger Ebert Loses His Voice

  1. Sean

    I will be very sad the day Roger retires. Also I would like to see your list of movies your looking forward to this year. Just saying.

  2. Oneliner

    I wonder how long his name will continue to appear on Ebert & Roeper. They are obviously waiting out his contract: but how long will that be?

    I hope Ebert gets back to putting out his Movie Yearbook. That was the best way (for me) to read his reviews.

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