Charlton Heston Has Passed On

He gained notoriety as the gun-toting president of the NRA, but his career as an actor is undeniably important in cinema history. He was a giant, starring in “Ben-Hur,” “The Ten Commandments”, “El Cid,” “Touch of Evil,” “Soylent Green,” and my favorite, “Planet of the Apes” to name a few. I’ve never seen his Oscar-winning role in “Ben-Hur”, but I’m definitely going to catch it now in appreciation for a truly amazing performer. He will be missed.

“Planet of the Apes” (You maniacs! You blew it up!
Ah, damn you! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!)


“Touch of Evil” (those who watched “Ed Wood” know
the issues Orson Welles had with this film)



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3 responses to “Charlton Heston Has Passed On

  1. Sheamus

    Will he be missed? He’s been an openly-mocked and generally tarnished figure for the better part of a decade now, largely due to his involvement with the NRA. He hasn’t worked in any significant capacity as an actor for many a year. I’m not sure his NRA stuff completely obliterated his legacy within the craft but it’s the only thing a lot people below a certain age have really ever known about him.

  2. Josh

    I say “He will be missed,” because I hope that he will be missed. I was always hoping he’d have a comeback, kinda like Peter O’Toole in “Venus.” I was unaware of his medical problems, and I never really counted him out for a return to the screen.

    Also, when I was at work yesterday a girl purchased “Ben-Hur” for a friend. When I mentioned Heston’s passing she has no idea who I was talking about. So I guess for a lot of people, this means nothing. That kinda sucks.

  3. Sean

    Josh is right. Charlton Heston will be miss, maybe not by everyone but he will be missed. I grow up watching him in Sci-Fi movies and Ben-Hur. I will miss his bad ass acting.

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