A.M.P.A.S.: Two Song Noms Per Film!

One of the most ridiculous Academy Award problems has finally been fixed after years of unfair, worthless, go-to-the-bathroom style category that is “Best Song.” The past year is a good example of the cheapness of the category as the Amy Adams film “Enchanted” earned not one but three nominations for best song, shutting out dozens of other worthy film tunes. Last year “Dreamgirls,” a film that was adapted from an already existing longtime musical, dominated with three noms as well. Luckily, the smaller films such as “Once” and “An Inconvenient Truth” picked up the actual awards but the overabundance and cheese of the major musical songs took away what could be the magic of the category.

Well, the Academy has ruled that a film can only have two nominated songs in the “Best Song” category and hopefully this means that more deserving artists will get their names out there and just maybe watching the musical performances will feel a little less childish and out of place. The family romp “Enchanted” dominated the musical section of this year’s ceremony, albeit the no-holds-barred violent art film “No Country For Old Men” took home the best picture award… riiiight. A.M.P.A.S… who is your audience?



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10 responses to “A.M.P.A.S.: Two Song Noms Per Film!

  1. Anonymous

    I’m trying all the best I can to see more of Camp Lazlo, Cartoon Network decided to “stop” it, I’m trying to get “support”, I have written to Joe & Cartoon Network in the website clickin in “contact us” in CartoonNetwork.com, but I think writting Joe Murray is more confiable than cartoon network, maybe he could talk to cartoon network guys and tell them that fans want more, if you can’t help, ok, I understand, but if you can contribute by writting to Joe & Cartoon Network or searching in google “save camp lazlo” and going there, it could be useful, thank you, I’m not the only one in this “battle”, there are a lot of fans doing the same, sorry thave bothered you¡¡, believe me, I love that show, I miss it, thank you.

  2. Sean

    This has bothered me too. Thank god Once was the winner.

    The long post?

  3. Josh

    Sean: The long post is coming, inspiration is not.

    Anon: I’ve never watched Camp Lazlo, but I’m sure it’s online somewhere. I would totally be into saving that AND Rocko, as I know both, especially the latter has a huge following in terms of its surrealist and sentimental value.

    I wouldn’t really have a lot of interest in speaking to Cartoon Network, and after reading Joe’s blog for the past couple of months I feel as though he’s the kind of guy who is as passionate about finding a home and an audience for his work.

  4. Sean

    I really wish Nick would release all their old cartoons on DVD already.

  5. Anonymous

    when you have the time and write again at joe’s blog, it could be a good idea to see on the blog this toughts, I have seen the blog with Rocko DVD ISSUE, just a suggestion.

  6. Sean

    If you post a link to Joe Murray blog, I’ll be more then happy to comment on it.

  7. Anonymous

    Sean, if you are reading this, just go to http://www.joemurraystudio.com and click on “journal” icon, then you will find the blog, it’s easy, if you are going to post something about “lazlo’s return” just type: -“Joe, you shoud at least give it a try”- thank you. Josh, this is a message for Sean.

  8. Anonymous

    Sean, this is for you, I forgot to give you this website: http://www.freewebs.com/savecamplazlo
    go there and check it out!!!
    (this is for Sean, don’t worry Josh, I’m not bothering you)

  9. Sean

    Thank you very much. I’ll make sure to help out. I was never a big fan of Camp Lazlo but I know others are.

  10. Anonymous

    thanks, believe me that I’m trying to get the most help I can.

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