“Watchmen” Trailer is better than most movies

Watch, immediately.



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6 responses to ““Watchmen” Trailer is better than most movies

  1. John

    I can vouch for that being an amazing trailer because I couldn’t look away from the screen and I knew nothing about Watchmen before the movie was announced and still only know minimal info on it. Now, I can’t wait to see it released.

    The Dark Knight is seriously one of the best movies ever released. It was a movie that matched the hype and exceeded it in every possible way. I am looking forward to reading your review of it.

    It is Saturday night and I have seen it three times and I don’t think I am done yet.

  2. Let me just say I love superhero movies and sci-fi; I thought John was absolutely right in saying that ‘The Dark Knight’ was one of the best movies ever released. Period.

    But….Watchmen. Really? I know, I know. It’s based on the great graphic novel and it’s being handled with care. I know. But…..it looks like a cross between Chronicles of Riddick, the 5th Element, and X-Men: The Last Stand. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Combined with a March release date…..I gotta say, I don’t think it’s going to do that well except for fanboys and girls.

  3. heyjude68

    Well… I think there’s a big draw with “Watchmen” and although not as big as “The Dark Knight” or “Iron Man,” there has been a lot of interest in real people as superheroes. NBC’s “Heroes” has been exceedingly successful with this premise and I think the huge crowds that flocked to see the bat were very interested in the trailer. I work at Newbury Comics and our “Watchmen” books have been flying off the shelves.

    As for it’s March release: “300”, “V for Vendetta”, two films that did very well and didn’t exactly have the niche of bigger budgeted, well-known hero flicks.

  4. Sean Kennedy

    Don’t go passing judgment before hand Josh. You may have to eat your words.

  5. Sean Kennedy

    I loved the comic book and I LOVE the look of the trailer but I still have my doubts about the movie. I’m just going to wait and see how this turns out.

  6. Michael

    They’re actually considering having the movie three hours long. Wow. It better be riveting.

    The song made this trailer.

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