Trailer: Oliver Stone’s “W.”

This trailer popped up on Youtube yesterday and I think I’m intrigued. While this film will undoubtedly be far from the best film of the 21st century, it will certainly be interesting to see what Oliver Stone has to say. Good for Cromwell for not doing a Carvey impression, and Thandie Newton looks terrifyingly realistic as Condi. As for Brolin, the trailer really doesn’t offer any clues to how he’s going to tackle the character. Whether you think this film is being made too soon, or not soon enough, or doesn’t even deserve to be made… it’ll definitely be a historically… interesting piece? Let me know what you guys think.



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2 responses to “Trailer: Oliver Stone’s “W.”

  1. Michael

    You “think [you’re] intrigued?” lol.

  2. Matt m.

    Yeah, i’m defintely intrigued by how it may or may not change our perception of the man. Stone claims to be fair in his portrayal but everyone knows this is going to be scathing. Yeah, I’m intrigued.

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