Thoughts on the “Star Trek” trailer

Since the first mention of this film, I have been exceedingly optimistic about J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” re-ignition. The first teaser trailer, attached to “Cloverfield,” was like that late Christmas present that you never expected. Cast images began to come in, and proved very exciting. Abrams answered nitpicky fan questions concerning Kirk’s black costume and the overly advanced looking ship stating that the film will, like Nolan’s Batman reboot, be the beginning of something new that will both excite hardcore fans and non-fans alike.

This week we were “treated” to the new full trailer. It seems that Abrams is not interested in apeasing fans at all. There are a few moments to be enthusiastic about, like Kirk getting busy with a green alien girl and some visual fidelities – but there looks like Abrams is not going to fully re-immerse us in that Trek-lore and is only occupied in making the film HE wants to make. When it comes to his television projects and original film works I have no problems. When it comes to “Star Trek” … well … J.J.’s not going to be popular. Are you the new Mr. Schumacher, or is this just a badly put-together trailer? Please do not disappoint. This film was bumped from December of this year to May of next year. This is the best you could do with the extra shooting time?

Let’s start with the opening sequence of the trailer – Michael Bay, I am sincerely sorry for this obvious rip-off – and I am sincerely sorry to myself for feeling sorry for Michael Bay. The kid playing the kid version of Kirk doesn’t … well it doesn’t make me happy. Later, we get a typical montage style trailer that really doesn’t hook me. Zachary Quinto is superb as Sylar on “Heroes,” but unfortunately it looks like he’s playing Spock as Sylar. That’s like Peter Sellers playing Chauncey in “Being There” as Clouseau. Also, another fear is being realized in the utilization of Simon Pegg as Scotty for the pure reason of comic relief. The final few shots of the trailer, which uses the original theme and the transporter sound effect, represent what we really want out of a “Star Trek” film. With “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” Nolan used what Batman comic fans loved about their hero and knocked it out of the park. Abrams is not even at the bat.

Please do not disappoint. For those who wish to see what I’m talking about, here’s the “trailer.”


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