My absence

Hello readers, if you’re still reading – although I’d imagine not, since I haven’t updated in four months. I’ve made some life changes, and have moved back home for now. I don’t have my own computer right now, but that should be remedied soon – and my writing shall restart. I’m happy right now, and really motivated to write. I have a long overdue “Best of the Decade” list that’s almost done and hopefully still relevant on this, our attention deficit world of internet film criticism. I am also working on a review of the excellent new rock film, “The Runaways.”

So have no fear, I have returned and am more passionate about film than ever.



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4 responses to “My absence

  1. Hey, dude! Welcome back! Look forward to reading your list and review!

    Movie blessings!

  2. William Henderson

    hi josh.

  3. jaye La Tour

    Shit shite!

  4. James

    Dude where’s my Iron Man 2 review?

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